Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor

studied classical and feminist philosophy at Vassar and Engaged Buddhism with peace activist and Buddhist leader Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, France. Her philosophical work focuses on re-wilding the body/mind, eco-feminism, the mythology of partnership societies, metaphysics, gender and sexual politics. Taylor is Artistic Director of OmFly, a fusion of circus & yoga, with a focus on trapeze (yoga in the air). She has spent the last 14 years immersed in the human art of play as a backdoor to discipline. She serves as Executive Director of The Sanctuary, an environmental education 501(c)(3) and spiritual life center dedicated to community development, ecological restoration, sustainability, localism and the inclusive search for sacred meaning.

Circus and yoga are two ancient traditions, each at least 5,000 years old in their own right. Fusing the cooperation & play of circus with the discipline of yoga creates a kind of re-wilding medicine for domesticated times. And there is a place for everyone under the big top.

A singer-songwriter, her music can be heard here.


A filmmaker, Taylor documented political protest in New York City in the years 1999-2003, for Dyke TV, a non-profit dedicated to promoting visibility for the lively civil rights movement and protest culture of New York in this period.  This work is archived in the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, NY and Smith College.


2000-2003:  HIV Law Project in NYC connecting NYC HIV population to social service resources, and writing amnesty pleas to the United States government for political refugees with HIV.


1997-2000:  Center for Reproductive Law & Policy / researcher and paralegal in the state program on the frontline of the reproductive rights battle, tracking state legislation restricting reproductive rights and health.