Palace of Knossos / Bull Leaping Fresco (1450 b.c.e.)

“Can we build a world where our great potentials for consciousness, caring and creativity are realized? What would this more equitable, less violent world look like?  How can we build it?”   – Riane Eisler


I.   Human / Cosmic Timeline (how much we have forgotten & the blink of an eye)

II.   The Story of Bonobos & Catal Huyuk / lost & forgotten history (herstory)

Gene Expression vs. Evolutionary Determinism

III.  Dominator Ideology vs. Partnership Paradigm (finding a true opposite)


“Looking at history from the perspective of the partnership system and the domination system as two underlying social possibilities, we see patterns behind seemingly random events.

We see that much that is today considered new and radical actually has very ancient roots.  For most of our prehistory, societies oriented more to the partnership system.  There are no signs of warfare in the archeological record until just a few thousand years ago; houses and burials do not reflect large gaps between haves and have-nots; and these earlier societies were neither patriarchies nor matriarchies but cultures where women and men were equally valued. ”   – Riane Eisler



Partnership                                                                               Dominator

Power to give life                                                                      Power to take life

Chalice                                                                                        Blade

Pleasure                                                                                      Fear

Cooperation                                                                               Competition

Inter-dependence                                                                     Domination



IV.  Dualism


In a dominator ideology, opposites compete vs. cooperate & one is prioritized:


soul / body

human being / animal

reason / emotion

spirit / matter

light / dark




And further, in a dominator ideology, with the primary set of opposites male & female, all other opposites are one or the other:

female                              male

animal                              human

insatiable                         self-contained

body                                 spirit