First he asks you to meet in his hotel room. DING, DING, DING DING DING!!!!  Why are alarm bells not going off? In each account, all of the women who were asked to Weinstein’s hotel room, also admit they were warned about him! It’s like a bad horror movie.  How come the actress is the only one who can’t hear the scary music?

If you say yes to that, he asks for a massage. If you say yes to that…

Why did the majority of the women who claim to have been raped by Weinstein, meet with him afterwards in order to procure a movie deal?  Those who didn’t get a movie deal accepted a non-disclosure agreement.

Why are we so surprised, that in an industry which celebrates the male gaze, the chief chimpanzee of the male gaze should climb to the top? Women in the industry play into the male gaze for fame & fortune.  Look at the Weinstein or Miramax produced movies these women are in:

• Scream / soft-porn slasher

• Shakespeare in Love / soft-porn fluff

• Sex, Lies  & Videotape / empty soft-porn

How & why are we failing women so badly that they say yes to this behavior? There are a lot who say no, but it won’t stop until all of us do.  Because for every one woman who said no, there had to have been 9 who said yes. When you read the stories of Weinstein’s predations, he is very comfortable doing what he is doing. He expects to get his way.

In fact, when you read these accounts, you see the workings of a predator, testing the boundaries of his targets totalling thirty years of finding his marks. And as long as some women accept money & power in exchange for tolerating this behavior, we keep women invisible who have no such chance of gaining money or power in exchange for enduring the same behavior.

If you met with one of his executives afterwards instead of going to the police, it’s nothing personal, but you are part of the problem.


Wonder Woman vs. Weinstein

Gathering the team for their mission, Steve Trevor introduces his friend Sumir to Diana (Wonder Woman).

Steve Trevor:  “Sumir’s a top undercover man, he can talk the skin off a cat in as many languages as you can.”

Diana:  “He doesn’t look that impressive to me.”

Sumir:  “You do to me. Your eyes, as soft as your smile.”

Diana:  “And your eyes, look like they want something.”

I love Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman for a lot of reasons.  This scene is one of them. Wonder Woman is innocent, but she is not naive. That makes her powerful. She can protect her own innocence.

When one is both innocent and naive, it makes you vulnerable. You will lose both.  How do we teach this to our girl children today?

What implications would it have for a culture grappling with predators like Harvey Weinstein? What are we to make of the pandemic naivete that disallowed so many of these women now coming forward, from seeing that Harvey Weinstein’s eyes “wanted something?”

The Judgment of Paris / Greek red-figure hydria (water-jar). British Museum.

In the Cult of Aphrodite, the Judgment of Paris reigns supreme. In the beginning of the classical era, the Judgment of Paris sparked the Trojan War. Paris famously chose Aprodite (beauty) over Athena & Hera (wisdom & the hearth), bifurcating the old triple goddess and putting her at war with herself. That old triple goddess was Artemis. We are seeing her re-birth now.