If You Can You Must

If Xena represents the superhero we want to be, Gabrielle represents the very human work we have to do to get there.


Sins of the Past

Xena About to Walk Through the Gauntlet

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Xena has the best intro of all time    And the best first episode of all time. The initial scene (not included in the above clip) is a defining moment for Xena. She herself has been a warlord a long time now, (her own village destroyed by warlords, she vowed to be bigger than anyone else so it could never happen to her or her loved ones again and she succeeded). But fighting has changed her, her soul is dead and she has just walked away from that life, actually, she went through the gauntlet, every member of her former army beat her to a pulp in order for her to walk out. She survived (no one ever had) AND she has just buried her armor and her weapons. But she is immediately confronted with a situation in which her skill set is vital. And Xena’s new path is before her. I like to call it, “if you can, you must.” Whatever it is that you do best.

There’s so much to talk about with Xena, it’s hard to say one thing without it bringing up another critical piece which is perhaps what I love most about the 2nd scene- Xena is fighting without her armor or any weapons at first because she has buried them! She’s handling all these guys anyway, so you’re like, okay, she’s a bad-ass, and then she kicks her chakram up from under the dirt and the rest of it, and it’s like, game over. Game over. Hahahahhahahahahahaa and Gabrielle has never seen anything like it! I love the look on Gabrielle’s face. That’s probably what I looked like watching this for the first time, too, taking in Xena’s confidence, her delight & her dark side. I could never watch violence before Xena, but curiously, I could not only watch this, but I adored every moment of seeing a gang of rapists get their asses kicked. And by her. Not Drew Barrymore and that abysmally unconvincing band of Charlie’s Angels. But Xena. She made me believe. Unabashed joy, my wild self. Every time.